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CubicSpline3D Class Reference

#include <TMDlib_InterpolationKS.h>

Inheritance diagram for CubicSpline3D:

Public Member Functions

 CubicSpline3D (const vector< double > &x1vv, const vector< double > &x2vv, const vector< double > &x3vv, boost::multi_array< double, 3 > ym)
 ~CubicSpline3D ()
vector< pair< double, double > > grid_limits () const
 first or second pair data members. More...
double interp (const vector< double > &x)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseInterpolation
 BaseInterpolation ()
 default constructor More...
virtual ~BaseInterpolation ()
 default destructor More...
unsigned int eval_status ()

Detailed Description

3-dim interpolation with cubic spline

Interpolation of 3D function with the cubic spline method.

  • either document this class properly or think about excluding it from the distribution

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CubicSpline3D()

CubicSpline3D::CubicSpline3D ( const vector< double > &  x1vv,
const vector< double > &  x2vv,
const vector< double > &  x3vv,
boost::multi_array< double, 3 >  ym 

constructor get all input and interpolate in the innermost dimension x3

◆ ~CubicSpline3D()

CubicSpline3D::~CubicSpline3D ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ grid_limits()

vector< pair< double, double > > CubicSpline3D::grid_limits ( ) const

first or second pair data members.

return value from 3d spline interpolation get result for interpolation in x3 and use it to do two consecutive interpolations in x2 and x1 Min and max values in each dimension can be obtained by using

Reimplemented from BaseInterpolation.

◆ interp()

double CubicSpline3D::interp ( const vector< double > &  x)

return value from 3d interpolation get result from interpolation in x1-x2 for each x3 and use it to do interpolations in x3

Reimplemented from BaseInterpolation.

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